West Mids Cycle Safety

Deliveroo aims to improve safety on West Mids roads by sharing cycle data with WMCA

Deliveroo has today announced new plans to help improve safety for cyclists out on the region's roads - by mapping the routes taken most frequently by its cyclists and sharing this with West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA).

With hundreds of cyclists travelling thousands of miles on food deliveries each week, Deliveroo has access to a huge amount of data on cyclists' preferred routes in the region.

This rich source of data identifies on a map which cycle routes are used most often by riders, whose deliveries stretch across Birmingham and the region.

This will enable the combined authority to identify which cycle lanes are currently used most and also where future cycle lanes might be beneficial given the volume of riders who use those routes.

It comes as a major survey of Deliveroo riders in the UK shows that 65% want further public investment in road surfaces, whilst 63% would like more cycle lanes, underlining the demand for cycle-safety measures on UK roads amongst frequent riders.

As well as sharing data, Deliveroo will ask its riders to tell WMCA where they think cycle lanes are most in need. Riders will also be invited to respond to consultations which outline plans for new cycle routes. Riders' extensive knowledge of the roads will provide invaluable feedback for policy-makers.

Lead member for safe and sustainable travel on the WMCA transport delivery committee, Cllr Diana Hol-Allen, said: 'Improving cycling provisions and safety right across the West Midlands is a priority for WMCA.

'We want to have more cyclists on the road and we welcome this invaluable support and feedback from Deliveroo riders who know our roads so well.'

Deliveroo UK & Ireland Managing Director, Dan Warne said: 'We're really pleased to be sharing these data maps with the combined authority to help improve road safety for our riders and the wider community.

'Riders enjoy the health benefits of working outside, but have told us that they'd like to see greater investment in cycle lanes to make them feel safer out on the road.'

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