Weird And Wonderful Restaurants On Deliveroo Around The World

Weird and Wonderful Restaurants on Deliveroo Around the World

With over 20,000 restaurants on Deliveroo around the world, it's hardly surprising that a few wacky eateries are on offer. There's always an appetite for unusual food and concepts, so whether you're looking for an intergalactic snack, an immersive feast or something outside of the box -  these are 12 weird and wonderful restaurants on Deliveroo which will tickle your fancy.

For a meal that's out of this world, Hong Kong residents can order from Enos Space Station. This concept cafe is named after Enos, the second chimp who went into Space in 1961, and serves a selection of cosmic dishes (such as Space Waffle Popsicles) and drinks for each Horoscope.

Nuts about nuts? Sweet, savoury, raw, mixed… however you take your kernels, Nutty Delights in Dublin, Ireland has you covered. It's pretty niche, so you won't find anything else on the menu, other than some dried fruits.

The NBA CAFE in Barcelona, Spain is in a league of its own. Diners can immerse themselves in the the world of NBA (National Basketball Association) with an American menu as legendary as the players. Game on.

For an absolute snore feast, head to La Siest'In in Marseille, France. Fill your boots on delicious French cuisine and then kick your feet up in the dedicated sleeping zone. Of course, if you order from home you always have this luxury...

The snack selection is equally as exciting as the film when it comes to a cinema experience. Now you can get that rush from your own home and order from VOX Cinemas in Dubai. You can even order the iconic slush drinks, so you can turn your tongue blue from the sofa.

Feeling nostalgic? There's a whole cafe dedicated to the Peanuts comic strip: the Charlie Brown Cafe in Singapore. The dishes are named after various characters - one of the most popular being Snoopy's Chocolate crepe, which comes with a chocolate sauce illustration.

You know that feeling when you're ordering your favourite Mexican and you just want some matching earrings? Well, you're in luck. Bay City Burrito in Melbourne, Australia offers an epic selection of merchandise to add to your meal. Forgot your pal's birthday… nachos + avocado earrings. Solved.

Craving steak, but bored of beef? Maybe it's time to up your game with Bull & Ranch in London's Camden Market, United Kingdom. This wild restaurant specialises in exotic meats including crocodile, zebra, wild boar and kangaroo.

Searching for a purr-fect treat? Cafe Katzentempel in Munich is Germany's first ever cat cafe. Hosted by a fleet of rescued felines, guests can read up on animal welfare whilst enjoying delicious plant-based food. Meow.

Want popcorn and only popcorn? The team behind dessert shop Fol, in Turin, Italy, pride themselves on a very limited selection of gourmet popcorn. They live by the mantra "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", so choose your movie and select your bag.

Are Hoeked Doughnuts in Belgium trying to fit a square peg in a round hole? Yes they are - and it works. Their sweet treats are equally as fluffy and delicious but with three more edges than your average dough.

In need of vampire protection? Check out Knoflookrestaurant 'Look, a restaurant specialising in garlic in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Unsurprisingly, the chef doesn't hold back when it comes to flavouring their dishes - so perhaps this is one to avoid on date night.

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