Taylor Review Submission

Taylor Review Submission

Deliveroo sets out plans to give greater protections to riders

Company wants to work with Government to update employment law and provide benefits like insurance and shares to self­-employed riders

  • Deliveroo is calling on the Government to make a hugely significant change to end the trade off between flexibility and security
  • Deliveroo wants to offer its riders certain benefits, starting with insurance in the event of injury
  • Deliveroo would like to go even further by offering exceptional riders shares in the company to enable them to have a stake in Deliveroo's growth

Deliveroo has today made a key intervention in the debate on the future of work. In its submission to the Matthew Taylor review on modern employment practices, the technology company outlines how the Government should update legislation to give self­-employed people greater security whilst maintaining the flexibility they want.

Current employment law prevents on­-demand companies from extending some of the entitlements that are open to 'workers' without calling into question the status of its riders, who are self­-employed. Doing so would undermine the flexibility that comes with riders being able to log in and log off at will, where they are paid according to work not hours completed. If riders were reclassified, they would be required to work in compulsory sessions arranged with Deliveroo in advance and to work exclusively for the technology company during those sessions.

Deliveroo is calling for a change in employment law that would allow it to offer new benefits to its riders, for example sick pay, insurance or shares for longstanding riders. Deliveroo argues that this should be compatible with the highly flexible nature of the on­-demand economy, protecting flexible working. This would be a significant shift in UK employment practices.

Commenting, Deliveroo CEO and founder Will Shu said:

'When I founded Deliveroo four years ago, I was the only rider delivering to customers all over London.

'I still do deliveries every week so I know better than anyone the hard work that Deliveroo riders put in every day. It's only right that they're given the security they deserve whilst keeping the flexibility that they value.

'The on­-demand economy has changed the way people work and live. We want an environment in which both workers and businesses benefit from the opportunities these changes provide.

'We welcome the Taylor Review and the opportunity to work with government to create legislation which suits the needs of a 21st century workforce in a 21st century economy.'

Deliveroo suggests two ways in which employment law could be modernised to help ensure that riders can continue to enjoy the flexible work which the on­-demand economy provides, while at the same time giving them more security:

  • Allow additional rights to the self­-employed -­ allowing companies to offer benefits and provide greater security, without having to alter the flexible nature of the work that self­-employed people value.
  • Create a wholly new category of employment -­ allowing companies to calculate entitlements based on services delivered rather than hours worked. Riders would still be their own boss, whilst the relationship between riders and an on­-demand business would retain its flexibility.

As outlined in the Conservative manifesto, the Government is looking to ensure that people working in the 'gig' economy are given proper protections such as sick and holiday pay. Deliveroo supports this move and wants to work in partnership with the Government to give riders greater security and to update employment law for the modern economy.

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