Quorn and Deliveroo Are Offering Free Lunches For World Meat Free Week

Quorn and Deliveroo Are Offering Free Lunches For World Meat Free Week

  • The average Brit dines "al-desko" at 12.43 daily, on soggy ham sandwiches
  • Despite 75% (¾) believing taking a break from their desk and getting outside will make them feel better, only 15% take a walk, and for just 16 minutes on average
  • Quorn is launching a new "Food Cupboard range" so that you can eat lunch, "al-desko" or alfresco, with healthy protein for a healthy planet, and they're delivering it free this World Meat Free Week (while stocks last) throughout London and Manchester

Busy office workers are managing to squeeze in a meagre 16 minutes a day for lunch, a study has found.

Researchers found despite having a full hour to enjoy a much-deserved break, office workers will take only a quarter of this period to eat, and nearly half will typically dine 'al-desko' at precisely 12.43pm. One in 10 admitted to eating the same meal for lunch EVERY day, with the most popular reoccurring choices being a plain cheese sandwich or a meaty ham sandwich. And after using their desk as a lap tray, just 15 per cent will go for a walk every day, stretching their legs for just 16 minutes at a time.

The research was commissioned by Quorn who are encouraging the UK to change their ways and not compromise when it comes to enjoying a healthy protein for lunch. With the launch of nine new products, which can be eaten "on the go" or at your desk, as healthy lunch options that are also healthy for the planet.

To celebrate the launch of the NEW Quorn Food Cupboard range, and to help consumers to eat healthy protein sources, Quorn is giving away the ultimate meat-free lunch on the go, via a new Wonder Grains collaboration with Deliveroo this World Meat Free Week (17-23 June), while stocks last. Meat-reducers in London and Manchester can order Wonder Grains that are delivered via bicycles to their laps whether dining al-desko or alfresco in city parks.

The study also found the average office worker has just two meat-free work lunches a week, with a fifth NEVER going without meat. And 38 per cent were unaware that simply reducing their intake of meat could have a positive impact on the planet.

It comes as no surprise hard-working adults would like to give themselves an additional 15 minutes downtime to enjoy their lunch break as three quarters will work AND eat at the same time.

Three quarters agreed taking a break from their desk and getting outside will make them feel better, yet many are getting stuck in a rut. A third of office workers admitted they are too busy to get the much-needed break they deserve, and a quarter said they spend most of their lunch getting their personal errands and admin out of the way.

Jennifer Shepherd, UK Brand Manager for Quorn said: "There are much healthier ways to eat lunch than the same cheese or ham sarnie at your desk every lunch time. A third of lunchers are looking for more variety and 40% said they were looking for no compromise healthy meat-free options. We are on a mission to help people break bad lunchtime habits with our new Quorn Wonder Grains, Strips and Bowls."

One in eight don't get as much time to enjoy their break because they spend most of the time buying or prepping their lunch. It also emerged, 47 per cent are bored of what they have for lunch, with more than a third craving more variety in the options available to them.

The study, conducted via OnePoll, also found a fifth would like a more environmentally friendly lunch and an equal percentage desire more meat-free options which are healthy and ready to eat.

Jennifer Shepherd, UK Brand Manager for Quorn added: "Awareness about the environmental impact of our food choices is at record levels and with the majority (52%) of the UK now meat reducing, more people than ever are looking for ways to meat-reduce. Our food cupboard range now enables you to meat reduce on the go, so you can pack a whole lot more into lunchtimes."

The Quorn Wonder Grains Store collaboration with Deliveroo to celebrate World Meat Free Week, will be live on the Deliveroo app on Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th June[1].

For more information please contact [email protected] or 0203 755 6670

Quorn's NEW food cupboard range.

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