New Technology Will Help UK Restaurants Produce More Meals

New technology will help UK restaurants produce double the number of meals

  • Restaurants who partner with Deliveroo are set to double the number of meals they produce per hour, thanks to new technology by Maple that will revolutionise food preparation and delivery in UK restaurants.
  • Deliveroo will now offer a new Deliveroo Toolkit for restaurant partners, which will be rolled out to all 160 Deliveroo Editions kitchens in the UK in 2017 and then made available to the 25,000 restaurants on the app in 2018.
  • When deployed, this technology will help restaurants organise and optimise kitchen operations to streamline food preparation, which will benefit their revenue streams, speed up orders for customers and enable riders to deliver more orders.

Deliveroo is today announcing new technology that will change the face of food preparation and delivery, benefiting restaurant partners globally. This technology, created by US food company Maple which was bought by Deliveroo in May 2017, is set to be introduced in Deliveroo Editions kitchens this year, with a view to rolling it out to the 25,000 restaurant partners who are on the app in 2018.

The Deliveroo Toolkit will enable kitchens to produce food more efficiently. Key features of this toolkit include:

  • Speeding up food preparation: Providing chefs with preparation time information on an item level basis to optimise preparation and cooking speed, ensuring the smallest window of time possible from kitchen to a customer's door.
  • Preventing bottlenecks in kitchens: Providing chefs and managers with a real-time kitchen overview dashboard, helping them quickly identify bottlenecks and make adjustments ensuring uninterrupted flow.
  • Buying efficiently: Helping restaurants effectively manage their purchasing operations by predicting weekly order quantities, and therefore ingredient requirements.

By using this technology to aid kitchen administration, chefs can enhance their focus on food-preparation, improving their output by up to 100%.

As a first stage, in September 2017 Deliveroo will input this new technology into kitchens in existing Editions kitchens, of which there will be 160 across the UK by end of 2017. Deliveroo will work closely with Editions partners to refine the technology and the Toolkit before making it available to partner restaurants in 2018, of which there are 25,000 signed up to the company's app.

With this new technology Deliveroo is thinking about food production within restaurants in a new way and focusing on helping restaurants increase their efficiency. At a time when soaring costs are forcing many independent restaurants off the high street, this will give restaurateurs the chance to expand and increase profits.

Commenting, Rohan Pradhan, Vice President of Editions, Deliveroo, said:

'This new technology is a game changer for the food delivery industry, helping restaurants to grow whilst speeding up service for customers.

'Deliveroo prides itself at being at the forefront of innovation, and we're hugely excited to bring the cutting-edge technology developed by Maple to help enhance our UK operations. We want to think about how we can improve efficiencies in food delivery that will at the same time benefit our restaurant partners and customers' experience.

'These advances provide restaurants with a wealth of opportunities and will ensure that Deliveroo continues to be the best food delivery company for customers across the UK.'

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