New Deliveroo Safety Network to Keep Riders Safe

New Deliveroo Safety Network to Keep Riders Safe

Deliveroo hires 50 new staff with a central role in ensuring the safety of riders

Following the recent shocking attacks in London, Deliveroo is today announcing a new package of measures to improve the safety of its riders, building on those introduced in July.

As part of this new network Deliveroo is hiring 50 new staff who will have a focus on rider safety. Deliveroo will also provide training in coordination with local authorities, and will trial the use of the latest technologies to ensure that riders are, and feel, safe.

The 50 Operations Liaison staff will be named, physical points of contact that riders can approach whenever they have safety concerns - and there will be at least one dedicated point of contact in each of Deliveroo's operating areas right across the UK.

The company will also be trialling the use of helmet-mounted cameras - such as GoPros - to allow riders to gather evidence, and to pass on information to the police.

Deliveroo has also upgraded its app for its riders, allowing them to raise safety concerns about specific delivery areas. They can then use the app to share this information with HQ and local councils, flagging problem hotspots. Deliveroo's riders will be further connected and supported through a new rider-focused website and blog which will focus on community engagement, and will provide guidance and updates for riders.

We are also building the network between Deliveroo riders and the authorities. Deliveroo will be coordinating with local councils to set up training workshops and feedback sessions, in cooperation with the police and Air Ambulance. The first of these will be held in conjunction with Hackney Council on Thursday 3rd August and these regular sessions will help Deliveroo to work with the authorities to bring criminals to justice.

Dan Warne, Managing Director for Deliveroo UK and Ireland:

'We will do everything we can to protect our riders and have put in place new measures so that riders can report any concerns they have or even move to work in another area if they feel unsafe. We are working closely with the police and local councils, and sharing all the information our riders give us in order to help tackle crime against our riders, which is why we're implementing new measures like our app, and helmet-mounted cameras - these will allow us to work together, share information, and bring criminals to justice.'

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