Deliveroo makes major commitment to improve cycle safety

Deliveroo makes major commitment to improve cycle safety

Deliveroo will this year support pro-cycling initiatives and promote cycle safety. As a company working with 10,000 cyclists across the UK, of a total fleet of 15,000, this is a priority for Deliveroo.

Deliveroo has today announced new plans to help improve safety for cyclists out on the road by mapping the routes taken most frequently by its riders on the capital's roads and sharing this with the Mayor of London.

This rich source of information - made up of 2.6 million data points - provides detail on which cycle routes are used most often by riders, and where future cycle lanes might be beneficial given the volume of riders who use those routes.

This comes as a major survey of Deliveroo riders in the UK shows that 65% want further public investment in road surfaces, whilst 63% would like more cycle lanes. Deliveroo is keen to respond to the concerns of the riders it works with.

Riders will also be invited to respond to consultations which outline plans for new cycle routes through London. Riders' extensive knowledge of the roads will provide invaluable feedback to the proposals put forward.

Commenting, Will Norman, London's Walking and Cycling Commissioner said:

'We're working hard to improve cycling provision and safety right across London as we invest record sums in new cycle superhighways and quietways. This includes constantly looking ahead to develop the next generation of routes so we welcome this data from Deliveroo riders who travel across so much of the capital every day.'

Deliveroo is also delighted to announce its sponsorship of the 2018 National Bikeability Conference to be held on 16-17 May in Islington. Organised by The Association of Bikeability Schemes (TABS), the event encourages the sharing of information and best practice for cycle training.

As well as sponsoring the conference, Deliveroo will start to encourage all new riders in London to attend a Bikeability course in their local borough as part of the onboarding process.

Deliveroo UK and Ireland Managing Director Dan Warne said:

'Rider safety is of paramount importance to us, so we're really pleased to be sharing these data maps with the Mayor of London and supporting the promotion of cycle training.

'Riders enjoy the health benefits of working outside, but have told us that they'd like to see greater investment in cycle lanes to make them feel safer out on the road. That's why we're so pleased to see the Mayor's proposals for new Cycle Superhighways.

'Deliveroo also wants riders to feel confident about using the capital's roads, which is why we're encouraging new riders to sign up to their nearest Bikeability course.

'We hope these initiatives will help both riders and the wider community cycle safely around their city.'

David Shannon, chair of the London Borough Cycling Officers Group (BCOG), commented: 'I'm delighted that Deliveroo is sponsoring the annual Bikeability Conference, showing their commitment to, and the importance of cycle training.'

Notes to Editors

The Association of Bikeability Schemes (TABS) is a membership-led, non-for- profit organisation that works with the Department for Transport and other key stakeholders to ensure the highest quality of delivery of Bikeability cycle training. TABS aims to work in the interest of Bikeability schemes, and represents the views of the professional cycle training industry in discussions and decision-making activities with government agencies and other public bodies. TABS immediate aim is to give children the confidence and skills to cycle more safely on the road as a result of Bikeability training, with an ultimate aim being to get more people taking trips by bike more often and more safety. TABS offers a range of membership services and benefits to members. Full information on the benefits of joining TABS can be found on the TABS website.

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