Lame Lunch Amnesty

Deliveroo Launches Lame Lunch Amnesty in UK

  • The food delivery service is launching a Lame Lunch Amnesty on Tuesday, giving workers the chance to upgrade their soggy sandwiches to restaurant quality food
  • New data from Deliveroo reveals seven in ten workers are stuck in the same boring routine when it comes to office lunches
  • The average Brit has a repertoire of just three meals that they rotate for lunch every day

Millions of British workers have fallen into a monotonous cycle when it comes to their office lunches, according to a new survey by Deliveroo. Seven in ten of the 1,500 workers polled said they were stuck in a rut with their office lunches, with 42 percent saying eating repetitive meals for lunch is a habit they fell into. The research comes as Deliveroo's corporate offering, Deliveroo For Business, gears up for a busy September when office workers return from their summer holidays.  

To give Brits the chance to upgrade their lunches for free from soggy sandwiches to restaurant quality food, Deliveroo is launching a Lame Lunch Amnesty this Tuesday. Office workers simply tweet a picture of their sad looking lunches to @Deliveroo using the hashtag 'LameLunch' between 11-1 for the chance of getting a free lunch from Deliveroo.

Researchers found that a third of Brits confess to eating exactly the same thing day after day, with the average Brit having a repertoire of just three meals they rotate. Over a third said they eat the same thing because it's fairly healthy and they are trying to stay trim.

The poll by Deliveroo, who conducted the research as part of its Lame Lunch Amnesty, revealed the most popular lunch is the humble ham sandwich, followed by cheese and tuna mayonnaise sandwiches. Buttered toast, egg sandwiches and sausage rolls were also among the dreary lunches that workers regularly eat. Brits have also admitted to experiencing food envy in the workplace, with four in ten workers saying they were jealous of their colleagues who had interesting and varied lunches.

Lunchtime meals prove a hot topic of conversation among the  UK workforce, with nearly four in ten respondents saying that they discuss what everybody is eating for lunch with their colleagues. The research also found that the average worker discusses lunch options for around 13 minutes per day.

Dan Warne, Managing Director of Deliveroo, said: "This research highlights how many of us eat boring, unimaginative meals for lunch on repeat.

"We're launching our Lame Lunch Amnesty this Tuesday to inspire Brits to upgrade their lunch from soggy sandwiches to delicious restaurant food. We spend so much of our time sat at our desks, Deliveroo wants to help mix things up and have something to look forward to at lunchtime."

"You really don't have to go to much effort in order to have a delicious lunch. Ordering with Deliveroo or our corporate service Deliveroo For Business means you can get some of your favourite food delivered straight to your desk within 30 minutes."


  1. Ham sandwich
  2. Cheese sandwich
  3. Tuna mayo sandwich
  4. Egg mayo sandwich
  5. Superfood salad
  6. Spicy chicken wrap
  7. Jacket potato with filling
  8. Fish and chips
  9. Leftover pasta dish
  10. Caesar salad
  11. Pasty
  12. Prawn sandwich
  13. Tuna nicoise salad
  14. Tomato soup and roll
  15. Microwave noodles
  16. Just toast
  17. Carrot and coriander soup and roll
  18. Coronation chicken baguette
  19. Bacon and Brie baguette
  20. Minestrone soup and roll
  21. Jumbo sausage roll
  22. Goats cheese and cous cous salad
  23. Curry
  24. Beans on toast
  25. Duck wrap
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