• Waitrose is expanding its trial with Deliveroo to cover 30 locations in total - reaching 3.1 million households across the UK
  • Deliveroo customers can now choose from more than 600 products after Waitrose added 150  new products to the menu
  • Rapidly rising customer demand driving fast roll-out as average order volumes are on average already making up around 10 percent of total branch sales

Waitrose has today announced that it is expanding its on-demand grocery trial with Deliveroo to 25 more locations across the UK, ahead of schedule and just six weeks into a 12 week trial.

The trial launched on 1st September in five locations and will now expand to 25 new towns this week. The latest expansion will reach new areas such as Solihull, Hereford and Brighton. 3.1 million households across the UK will now be able to enjoy Waitrose on Deliveroo for the first time, delivered in as little as under 30 minutes. This is particularly important for people who are self-isolating, the elderly and vulnerable.

Waitrose has added an additional 150 products to the Deliveroo menu, taking the total number of  products on the Deliveroo app to more than 650.

The new expansion will roll-out to 25 new locations this week and is in response to record demand from Deliveroo customers for on-demand groceries from Waitrose.

The trial partnership is proving hugely popular with Deliveroo customers. Sales at the original five shops have grown continually since the launch with half of orders being made by repeat customers. The extended trial is expected to continue until the end of November in order to understand the potential for future growth. Waitrose is also in discussions with Deliveroo about joint community initiatives.

The extended trial is expected to continue until the end of November, and there is potential for it to launch in more areas if demand continues to grow.  

The relationship with Deliveroo underlines the ambitions set out in the John Lewis Partnership's Strategic Update in July that it intends to look at commercial partnerships to allow Waitrose to grow efficiently and give customers more convenient access to its products.  

Deliveroo, which works with 44,000 restaurants and 35,000 riders in the UK, has seen rapid growth and expansion in on-demand convenience and grocery delivery in recent months and is keen to build on this momentum.  

The Deliveroo service is designed to complement the supermarket's two-hour home delivery service, Waitrose Rapid, which now has over 37,000 customers, a fourfold increase compared to pre-Covid. Additionally, Waitrose.com provides online access to a full-shop range and now offers over 190,000 weekly slots, compared to 60,000 before the pandemic, with plans underway to increase capacity to 250,000 weekly slots.

James Bailey, Executive Director for Waitrose, said:

"The success of the trial so far underlines the continued importance of convenience shopping to our future strategy and the ambition we have to give new and existing customers greater choice and flexibility for when and how they want to shop with Waitrose."

Ajay Lakhani, Vice President of New Business, Deliveroo said:

"We are delighted that Waitrose's on-demand grocery trial with Deliveroo is proving 'so popular 'with customers and now covers 30 locations across the UK. As a British company we are proud to work with such a well-known and renowned British brand as Waitrose. At a worrying time for families across the country we are so pleased that even more customers across the country can now enjoy an extended range of Waitrose's amazing food."

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