• Deliveroo sees 163% increase in orders of vegan dishes year on year
  • Over 500,000 Brits expected to take part in 'Veganuary' 2021, challenging themselves to give up all animal food produce for the first month of the year
  • Number of restaurants catering for vegans has more than doubled in the past year

London, 5th January: Proving veganism isn't just another here-today and gone-tomorrow food trend, Deliveroo has yet again seen a huge increase in demand for vegan food in the last twelve months, with orders of plant-based dishes up 163% on the previous year. According to the food-delivery giant, this first week of January 2021 has already seen a 153% rise in searches for 'vegan' food in the app compared to the month before, as Brits across the country take on Veganuary.

The online food delivery service, which is a proud supporter of Veganuary, has seen the number of vegan restaurants on the app more than double in the last year alone. More restaurants than ever have introduced plant-based menus and dishes to their regular offering and there are now over 12,000 vegan friendly restaurants available in the UK on Deliveroo. According to the food-delivery company, the cities with the most vegan orders per capita in the past year have been Brighton, Bristol, London, Manchester and Edinburgh.

With more than 500,000 Brits giving 'Veganuary' a go this year, Deliveroo are encouraging people to try going 'Vegan-ish' this month and enjoy the huge range of amazing Vegan options available on the app.

An increase in choice of delicious vegan gastronomy may be helping to convince people to stick with their pledge beyond January, as an amazing 72% of people who try Veganuary plan to stay vegan afterwards.*

Since the turn of the year, Deliveroo has already seen some of its popular partners launch new Vegan items available now and later this week, including:

  • Wagamama - new vegan menu available including Vegan Sticky Ribs
  • LEON - new vegan items include an new recipe LOVe Burger, Vegan Sweet Carolina BBQ Burger and Activated Seasonal Apricot & Vanilla Porridge
  • Ole & Steen - Vegan O'duja (olive n'duja) Toastie
  • Majestic Wine - Range of new vegan wines including their Beefsteak Club Malbec and Definition Pinot Grigio Doc and Levante Prosecco

Elena Devis, Vegan Category Specialistat Deliveroo said: "We're continuing to see a massive increase in demand from our customers for Vegan dishes and so many of our restaurant partners have created exciting new dishes to kick-off Veganuary 2021. Vegan and Plant-based food is a growth area we are really excited by at Deliveroo so we're super happy to be supporting Veganuary again this year."

Toni Vernelli, Head of Communications at  Veganuary said: "With the climate crisis and global pandemic making headlines every day and many feeling helpless, Veganuary offers people a way to take positive action. The huge response we've had this year shows it's exactly what many people need right now. It's great to have Deliveroo on-board making it so much easier for people to try vegan this January." 


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*More from the Veganuary survey:

More than half of Veganuary's non-vegan participants maintained a fully vegan diet for the whole month (59%) and an amazing 72% of them plan to stay vegan after Veganuary! When asked why they planned to stay vegan, the top reasons given were:

– Learned more about veganism

– It was easier than expected

– Felt improved health

– Discovered great tasting food

– The Veganuary email support

Even though some participants didn't manage to stay 100% vegan for the whole month, more than three-quarters (77%) of those who didn't say they are very/extremely likely to try veganism again in the future. The biggest challenges participants reported facing during the Veganuary pledge were:

– Eating out

– Friends and family

– Missing non-vegan foods

This serves as a stark reminder that despite the increasing global popularity of veganism and the many high-profile Veganuary product launches in several countries, more still needs to be done to address negative social pressure and limited availability of vegan options in some regions.

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