• Deliveroo's restaurant partners including Krispy Kreme, KFC and Byron have launched special dishes to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee
  • Co-op, Sainsbury's, Morrisons and Waitrose have added Jubilee themed products to their ranges available on Deliveroo, such as afternoon tea bundles, Elizabeth Sponge,  BBQ items and champagne delivered in as little as 20 minutes
  • Offers include 3 picnic snacks for £4 from Co-op and sweet treats from One Stop with discounts from 25% to 50% off
  • Deliveroo data reveals that "picky bits" has become a UK favourite food ritual, with 52% choosing it as the meal of choice in warmer weather.

UK, 26th May: As Brits come together to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee marking 70 years of Her Majesty on the throne - food delivery company, Deliveroo has everything the nation needs to host a royal street party, a family BBQ or an alfresco feast.

Customers can get items delivered in as little as 20 minutes from grocery stores across the country,  including coronation scotch eggs and Jubilee corgi cakes, to burgers and doughnuts named after the Queen. There are champagne and gin bundles (with royal approval) from Waitrose, 3 picnic snacks for £4 from Co-op, and the new iconic Jubilee Corgi Cake and new 'Elizabeth' Sponge from Morrisons.

Some of the UK's most popular restaurants will be offering royal-themed dishes via Deliveroo, including limited edition Jubilee doughnuts from Krispy Kreme starting from £2.45,  Byron's mouthwatering Elizabeefan Burger will be available with a drink for just £15.49 and the mighty KFC Coronation Chicken Tower Burger available from 11 KFC stores from 30th May – 5th June**, for £6.99.

The Jubilee deals couldn't come at a better time, as recent research by Deliveroo has revealed that 'picky bits' have become a favourite food ritual amongst Brits, with 52% choosing it as the meal of choice in warmer weather. The most popular 'Picky Bits' include sandwiches, cheese and crackers and scotch eggs, with 60% of people crowning crisps as the ultimate ruler of the picky-verse.

A full round-up of all of the Jubilee deals, royal themed products and new launches available on Deliveroo can be found below.


Krispy Kreme is honouring Her Majesty with three sumptuous new doughnuts; Jubilee Joy, Celebration Crown and Platinum Sprinkles and a prestigious Platinum Jubilee Dozen. They are perfect for sharing at street parties, family gatherings, picnics or get-togethers inside and outside the Royal Palaces to celebrate our monarch.

The royal range includes:Deliveroo

  • Jubilee Joy (£2.45 per doughnut)
  • Doughnut filled with strawberries and kreme, dipped in purple icing, sprinkled with white sprinkles with a Jubilee emblem plaque
  • Celebration Crown (£2.45 per doughnut)
  • Filled with cherry kreme, dipped in white icing, with blue and red lines, with a Union Jack crown plaque
  • Platinum Sprinkles (£2.05 per doughnut)
  • Dipped in red icing and topped with white, blue and red jubilee sprinkles
  • Lovely Jubilee Bundle - Exclusive on Deliveroo! (£35)
  • A royal assembly of Platinum Jubilee Dozen, an Original Glazed Dozen and 2 doughnut bites

Deliveroo customers can also add the Jubilee doughnuts to a Choose Your Own Dozen from Krispy Kreme.


Byron is launching their 'Best of British' range, including the

indulgent and mouth watering 'Elizabeefan' burger, available to

order on Deliveroo.

Deliveroo customers can get their mitts on the indulgent

'Elizabeefan' - a delicious burger that even the Queen would get

her hands messy for! Made up of Byron's Aberdeen Angus 6oz

beef patty, topped with pulled beef brisket, Red Leicester cheese, peppery watercress, pickled red onions, and finished with a delicious horseradish mayo - the ultimate British burger fit for a Queen!

Delivered from selected stores from 27th May for £13.79 or customers can make it a royal feast with The Elizabeefan burger and a soft drink for £15.49.


Fresh out of Cluckingham Palace and available for one week only (from 30 May), KFC has launched their high and mighty Coronation Chicken Tower Burger.

Carefully crafted by the fried chicken experts to delight even the most royal of taste buds, the new offering consists of Original Recipe 100% breast fillet, cheese, crisp lettuce, brand-new creamy coronation mayo, all packed in a toasted sesame bun and crowned with a hashbrown.

Available on Deliveroo at 11 KFC stores** from 30th May – 5th June, for £6.99.



Raise a toast to Her Majesty! Customers can order a wide range of Waitrose Jubilee themed products, including Champagne and gin bundles, complete with a royal seal of approval!

Wines and Spirit Bundles

  • Jubilee Bubbles
  • Moet & Chandon Imperial Rose Jubilee (exclusively to Waitrose) and Waitrose Strawberries
  • Jubilee Gin
  • Buckingham Palace Gin (exclusive to Waitrose) and 8 cans of Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Mediterranean Tonic

Afternoon Tea Bundle

  • All Butter or Butter Sultana Scones, Bonne Maman Strawberry or Raspberry Conserve and Rodda's Classic Cornish Clotted Cream for



3 picnic snacks for £4 on Deliveroo!

According to recent research by Deliveroo, nearly half (49%) of Brits refer to British-style finger food as 'Picky Bits' - so they'll be glad to hear that customers can choose from up to 40 picky picnic items at Co-op, including packs of pastry snacks like sausage rolls and pork pies, salads like potato salads and coleslaw, to olives and dips like hummus, guacamole, tzatziki and more.


Brits looking to sweeten up their Royal parties can purchase a range of treats through One Stop on Deliveroo, most at a tasty discount.

Customers can get their hands on a range of treats, from Mr Kipling Mini Battenbergs, French Fancies and Apple Pies, Cadbury Mini Rolls, Fox's Party Rings and more, all knocked off 25% to 50% of the price.


Morrisons has launched an incredibly special Jubilee and coronation themed range of food, including sweet treats and items perfect for a picky tea, all available to order on-demand through Deliveroo.


Sweet Treats

  • Jubilee Corgi Cake, £6.30
  • Inspired by the Queen's favourite pet, this  chocolate covered swiss roll has  a chocolate corgi face, and is decorated with red, blue and white sprinkles.
  • Elizabeth Sponge, £4.60
  • A Victoria Sponge Cake renamed in honour of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee
  • Jubilee Strawberries and Cream Fizz, 70CL, £3.15
  • A quintessentially British dessert in the form of the perfect garden party drink
  • Jubilee Strawberry and Mint Gin Liqueur Dome, 70CL, £15.75
  • Jubilee Cupcake Platter, 9pk, £5.25  

Coronation Themed Items

  • Queen Kebab With Dressing, £8.63
  • Summer Coronation Hummus, £1.34
  • Coronation Chicken Crisps
  • Coronation Chicken Scotch Eggs, £2.63

Co-op, Waitrose, Morrisons and Sainsbury's have also added some of their best-selling BBQ food items to menus ahead of the weekend, including BBQ meats, vegetarian and vegan BBQ alternatives, rolls and baps. Customers can also order crisps, condiments, dips and soft drinks. (See editor's notes for the list of products on offer).

A spokesperson at Deliveroo said: "We want to help our customers make the most of the long Jubilee weekend; by working closely with our restaurant and grocery partners to deliver summer picnic must-haves, garden party essentials and Jubilee themed dishes straight to doors across the UK.

Whether you'll be spending your days sunbathing in the garden, hosting a party or heading to the coast for a stay-cation, you can relax for the long weekend, knowing that everything you need will be delivered at the touch of the button - would jubileeve it!"

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