Deliveroo Presents: The Fior-egg-tina Pizza

Deliveroo Presents: The Fior-egg-tina Pizza

Today we are unveiling a limited-edition pizza, incorporating two of the nation's best-loved Easter treats.

The Fior-egg-tina – a sugary take on the classic Fiorentina, featuring a gooey Creme Egg centre – will be available for Deliveroo customers to order from Crust Bros from 7-14th April. For an extra chocolate hit, the pizza can be customised with an extra seasonal treat - Mini Egg sprinkles.

While common sense tells us confectionery belongs nowhere near a pizza, Deliveroo has always thought outside the box.

Hence, the on-demand food delivery service tasked Crust Bros, the Neapolitan pizza specialists, with cracking the challenge of combining our love of chocolate eggs, particularly Cadbury's Easter collection of Mini and Creme Eggs, with our love of traditional Italian pizza.

Their results were spectacular. The Fior-egg-tina turns the classic combination of tomato, mozzarella, spinach and egg on its head; replacing the savoury flavours with a macerated strawberry base, mascarpone and mint, joined of course by sweet and oozy Creme Eggs. Instead of extra parmesan sprinkled on top, customers can add crunchy Mini Eggs to make this Easter treat even more indulgent.

The pizzas will be available to order from Crust Bros on the Deliveroo website or app.

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