Deliveroo for Business to double in size in 2019

Deliveroo for Business to double in size in 2019

  • Over 10,000 firms are now signed up to Deliveroo for Business
  • Deliveroo for Business team will double in size this year to support this growth
  • Deliveroo also expanding its hotel partnership programme to provide room service for guests

Deliveroo, the leading food delivery company, today announces that the team behind its Deliveroo for Business service will double in size this year as more and more companies recognise the importance of providing quality food to their workforce.

Just as the growth in home delivery has taken off, the same is happening in offices. Gone are the days of workers ordering a greasy takeaway to their desks or lunchtime meetings being fuelled by stale sandwiches. Health conscious staff now want a choice of balanced meals.

Alongside traditional 'perks' such as gym memberships and health insurance, companies are now seeing food delivery as an important offering to help attract and retain staff. Over 10,000 businesses are signed up to Deliveroo for Business across the 14 markets Deliveroo operates in worldwide, including multinational firms such as Facebook, White & Case and Lazard.

Analysis of Deliveroo for Business orders reveals distinct food trends amongst different industries. Deliveroo data shows that lawyers are the most selective eaters, making the most amendments to their orders out of any other profession. Consultants love to order protein heavy foods, lean meats and modern greek cuisine. Whereas the UK's Tech workforce - which make up over a third of all catering orders from Deliveroo for Business - can't get enough of Japanese food, particularly sushi, ramen and noodle dishes. Data also reveals 63% of orders are for those workers staying late at the office, with the most popular time to select a meal being 7pm.

As well as delivering more meals to offices, Deliveroo is also expanding its hotel partnerships programme. Guests can order room service exclusively through Deliveroo for Business, giving them a greater choice of food from a range of local restaurants.

Commenting, Deliveroo UK MD Dan Warne said:

'Deliveroo is passionate about giving people the best choice of food, whether you're at home or in the office.

'Deliveroo for Business has grown from strength to strength as companies across a range of industries look to offer their employees amazing meals that works for them.

'We're really excited to expand this offering, allowing workers to shun stale sandwiches for great local food delivered straight to their desk.'


Notes to Editors

  • Deliveroo is available in over 500 cities across the globe in 14 different markets; UK, Ireland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, UAE, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Australia.
  • Deliveroo for Business - established in September 2015 - is a dedicated service for office catering. Businesses can order from a large range of restaurants on the Deliveroo platform and employees can work from an allowance from which the company is billed directly.
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