Deliveroo for Business Celebrates Second Birthday with New Services and Insight into British Worker Eating Habits

Deliveroo for Business Celebrates Second Birthday with New Services and Insight into British Worker Eating Habits

  • Deliveroo adds hotel room service, event catering and fruit baskets to its roster of offerings, which will now be available worldwide
  • Deliveroo reveals it's now working with over 7000 businesses across the globe
  • Deliveroo expects thousands more businesses to sign up and take advantage of these new offerings

London, UK - Deliveroo is today re-launching its revamped corporate offering, 'Deliveroo for Business', which now provides bespoke food delivery services to over 7,000 corporate customers around the world, with orders arriving in the office for lunch and for dinner in as little as 15 minutes.

The service is being extended and will be adding a host of new features and services, offering even more chances for people to eat amazing food not just in their homes.  Deliveroo seeks to be the definitive food company, offering people food whenever and wherever they want it, and this is a vital part of the company achieving that vision.

New services which will be available for businesses to take advantage of include:

  • Hotels: Deliveroo for Business trialed its hotel room service in Australia in partnership with Quest Apartment hotels and is now rolling out its hotel room service capabilities around the globe. Hungry travellers just need to select what dishes take their fancy and place the order via the hotel, with food arriving in under 30 mins. At the same time, hotels no longer need to operate room service in-house, which tends to be very expensive for them.
  • Events: Deliveroo for Business is offering catering services for large scale events, the team catered the largest drone racing championship in the world last August and will be catering their first wedding this December in London. They are now taking bookings for catering christmas parties for offices around the world.
  • Fruit Baskets & Snacks: Businesses will be able to use Deliveroo to arrange for regular deliveries of fruit & snacks to their offices, fueling workers with healthy foods.

These new services will be rolled out immediately in all markets.

Juan Diego Farah, Global Head of Deliveroo for Business said "In just two years we've seen Deliveroo for Business customers completely reinvent the way they interact with food at work, seeing great food as a key retention tool in an increasingly competitive work market. Our new services will continue provide even more opportunities for businesses to fuel and treat employees, guests and customers".

In the UK office workers are working later and later, 55% (up 10% v 2017) of Deliveroo for Business orders made after 8pm to night owl workers. The UK's recruitment industry can't get enough of a healthy breakfast, with the industry making up 26% of all early morning office orders. Whereas PR and marketing professionals mostly use the service for big lunches, likely catering to creative brainstorms or client lunches. Thai remains king of the cuisines amongst office workers, followed by Japanese and Italian.

Deliveroo for Business launched in September 2016 following a huge trend of office workers ordering Deliveroo to their desks, tired by the same lacklustre choices on offer for lunch. The launch also helped businesses who are looking for new ways to retain talent, currently the service is being used by 7000 companies  in 12 markets.

Prospective businesses and Hotels can email  to find out more details on how they can sign up to the service or visit

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