Music Festival Food Tasting is an ACTUAL Job… ?

Music Festival Food Tasting is an ACTUAL Job… ?

  • Deliveroo is looking for a Festival Food Taster
  • The successful candidate will attend large UK and Irish festivals to taste food and critique it
  • Deliveroo will offer a Deliveroo Editions Kitchen to impressive restaurants

Deliveroo has posted a job posting, outlining a vacancy for a 'Festival Food Taster' to travel to large England and Irish music festivals, expenses paid, to taste food and essentially enjoy themselves.

The ad outlines the role specifications as 'travelling to and attending some of England and Ireland's most renowned music festivals, and investigatively consuming the food offerings that are present at them.' This could be the best job in the world for the correct candidate.

The successful candidate, in return for being treated to free attendance at some of England and Ireland's must-see music events, will be expected to report on the food they taste to Deliveroo.

Deliveroo has included a precise set of requirements, including '18+ years experience of living in the world and loving it' and 'a great sense of adventure'.

A spokesperson for Deliveroo said, "We love our festivals, just like we love our food. We want to reward one lucky festival fanatic with the job of a lifetime, combining both.

"We're seeking someone who shares Deliveroo's innovative flair -  happy to sample new and exciting foods and report on them, while having a good time of course." they added.

The feedback provided by the successful candidate will help Deliveroo's team to decide which restaurants to offer a Deliveroo Editions kitchen to, helping them to expand to new areas and widen customer bases for restaurants.

Some people would kill for this job, we would rave for it.

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