• Customers in Glasgow can now order from over 1,000 restaurants, with four in five of these small independents, as restaurant choice on Deliveroo nearly triples since the start of the pandemic.
  • Orders in Glasgow also up 160% as consumer choice booms.
  • New independent restaurant partners include local favourites Ting Thai Caravan, Sprigg, Buck's Bar and many more.
  • Deliveroo has now supported 1,400 new jobs with restaurant partners since it began operating in Glasgow.  

17 August 2022: Deliveroo has increased the number of restaurant partners in Glasgow by 185% since the start of the pandemic and has seen its order numbers increase by 160%, as more independent restaurants and local favourites join the platform.

Customers in Glasgow can now order from more than 1,000 different restaurants on Deliveroo, with four in five of these now small, independents (81%). Glaswegians can now enjoy ordering from many of the new local favourites on Deliveroo, such as relaxed Thai restaurant Ting Thai Caravan, American takeaway Buck's Bar, healthy salad bar Sprigg, and Topolabamba which specialises in authentic Mexican street food.

Deliveroo is committed to supporting the growth of small and independent restaurants and it has helped many partners implement new delivery services to grow their business. With lots more independent restaurants to try the top dishes from local Glasgow restaurants were the Punk up your Pizza from Pizza Punks and Pad Thai from Ting Thai Caravan, with the most in-demand vegan dish the Build your Own Salad Bowl from Sprigg. Some of its most popular local restaurant partners in Glasgow are family-run Wudon Asian Fusion in the West End, Oro Italian in the Southside and Salt and Chilli Oriental from Lychee Oriental's Jimmy Lee.

The increase in restaurant choice has seen huge growth in customer orders, with orders in Glasgow up 160% compared to March 2020, before the onset of the pandemic, highlighting the continued popularity of getting Glasgow's favourite restaurant and takeaway dishes delivered to your door in as little as 30 minutes. This growing demand has meant that Deliveroo has been able to support close to 1,400 new jobs with Glaswegian restaurant partners since it began operating in the city.

While American food continues to be one of the most popular cuisines in Glasgow, households are also embracing healthier dishes as well, with healthy options accounting for 17% of all orders across the city in 2022. The most popular healthy dish was the Build Your Own Chicken Bowl from health bar Juicy.

Alongside supporting Glasgow's impressive food scene, Deliveroo's grocery offering has also expanded hugely over the past two years. Data reveals that the top-selling grocery items in Glasgow are brioche buns, semi-skimmed milk, fairtrade bananas, cucumbers, blueberries and ripe avocados.

Deliveroo Vice President of Regional Growth, Jeff Wemyss said: "We're really proud of our growth in Glasgow and we're excited to see what the future holds for us in the city, as we continue to support local independent restaurants' dishes bringing amazing food to consumers' doors. Having delivered a vital service during the pandemic, we're committed to continuing to support our restaurant partners to bring great food to the local community so they can continue discovering new cuisines and independent favourites."

Tom McDermott, Owner of Sprigg, one of Deliveroo's restaurant partners in Glasgow, said: "We signed up to Deliveroo during lockdown to grow our sales without the stress or risk of running our own delivery service. It's given us a huge boost in terms of both marketing and sales - helping our brand find a whole new market and customer demographic. It's been such a success that we now consider it a long term part of our business model, rather than just a short term solution to a quiet city centre during the pandemic."

 Capital Economics, March 2022

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