Customers can also win the chance to have a chef serve up a selection of Eataly's famous mozzarella dishes on their doorstep, in a first-of-its-kind Piaggio Ape delivery

  • Eataly, the largest Italian food market and restaurant concept, has opened its first UK site in London, and customers will get their first taste of their Pasta e Pizza restaurant via Deliveroo from today
  •  From today customers can order fresh mozzarella dishes, traditional pasta recipes and the best Italian pizza from Eataly on Deliveroo, as well as hundreds of high-quality products from their market and winery, the largest selection of Italian wines in the UK.
  • To celebrate the launch, Eataly and Deliveroo have teamed up to launch one-of-a-kind 'House of Mozzarella' deliveries fresh from their Caseificio, where they make fresh Italian cheeses every day
  • Lucky London locals can apply to have an Eataly chef visit them in a vintage Piaggio Ape serving up fresh dishes from Eataly's 'House of Mozzarella', with up to four slots up for grabs
  • Apply here:

London, 29 April:  Deliveroo has today announced that customers in London can now order a wide range of authentic Italian pasta, pizza, deli, wine and grocery products from international Italian market and restaurant concept, Eataly, as it virtually launches its first ever UK site located in London's Broadgate, available exclusively on Deliveroo.

This one of a kind partnership will mean that from today, Deliveroo customers will be able to order from Eataly's huge selection - ranging from their traditional Pasta e pizza restaurant to over 300 authentic Italian grocery products and wine from their market.*  

Eataly is launching a limited edition House of Mozzarella menu to celebrate their launch on Deliveroo, featuring dishes using fresh mozzarella made by hand on site every day at their Il caseificio. The curd is made with whole milk from local Rivermead Dairy farm in Devon and is produced throughout the day, with their casari (mozzarella makers) beginning at 6 a.m. every day to provide the freshest Italian cheeses including mozzarella, burrata and ricotta to their restaurants, market and customers.

Eataly and Deliveroo are also giving customers the chance to win a one-of-a-kind 'House of Mozzarella' delivery. Bringing the full Eataly experience to customers, the mozzarella-on-wheels service will see a trained chef arriving at front doors of four lucky winners, driving a vintage Piaggio Ape, designed to prepare and serve a variety of Eataly's most popular mozzarella dishes in front of their eyes.

While the classic fiordilatte variety made with fresh, whole cow's milk is the most well-known, Eataly's House of Mozzarella hosts a range of the formaggio fresco varying in shape, sizes, texture, and even flavour. The mozzarella-on-wheels service will offer:

  • Caprese (v) - housemade fiordilatte mozzarella, seasonal tomatoes and basil cress. Fiordilatte, meaning "flower of the milk," is a classic, traditional mozzarella, made with fresh whole cow's milk and has a sweet, light, and delicate flavour with an elastic texture.
  • Burrata con carciofini sott'olio (v) - housemade burrata, preserved artichokes, baby mint and preserved lemon. Burrata consists of a "pouch" of stretched mozzarella cheese filled with creamy stracciatella. Burrata is rich and creamy, with a looser texture than standard fiordilatte.
  • Ricotta con caponata (v) - baked housemade ricotta with vegetable caponata, pine nuts & raisins.  Ricotta means "double cooked" in Italian, and is made by adding fresh milk to the whey and then cooked again at 85 degrees. Only the fluffiest flakes that float on the surface will then become the rich and creamy ricotta cheese.

Customers can select which dish they want and watch the chef serve it to them, completely free of charge. All deliveries will adhere to social distancing rules.

Carlo Mocci, Deliveroo's Chief Business Officer UK and Ireland, said, "We're delighted to welcome Eataly, the world-class Italian food market and restaurants to Deliveroo, providing customers with even more great food and experiences. Londoners have been eagerly awaiting the launch of Eataly, so we're excited to offer our customers the chance to order from its exceptional variety of high-quality Italian foods and products and have it delivered to their door in under 30 minutes".

Matteo Ferrio, Eataly Store Manager said, "We are excited to launch our Pasta e Pizza restaurant via Deliveroo, so customers are able to enjoy our traditional Italian recipes ahead of the restaurant opening in May. Our market is just as much a part of Eataly as our restaurants, so we are also pleased to be able to offer the best of our fresh counters, Italian produce and ingredients, and of course wine to Londoners via Deliveroo."    

The competition to win an at-home 'House of Mozzarella' special delivery is open from today (29th April) until 4th May, for anyone over the age of 18 living within Eataly's delivery range on Deliveroo. To apply or for more information, visit the 'House of Mozzarella' entry page.

Customers can find out if they live within Eataly's delivery range by entering their postcode into the Deliveroo app or online and searching "Eataly".

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